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Islamic Schools Association Of New York

Islamic Schools Association Of New York

Welcome to the Islamic Schools Association!

In 1996, a group of Islamic School Principals met at the Annual Nonpublic Schools Administrators’ Conference in Albany. While most nonpublic schools in New York State, both religious and independent, were united under a state chartered organization, Islamic Schools stood alone. There was no recognition or representation for Islamic Schools collectively at the State level. After persistent and diligent efforts of the founders, the New York State Board of Regents granted the Islamic Schools Association of New York a charter in March, 1999. We will be ever grateful to the pioneers who strove to form this association. May Allah be pleased with them and reward them in this life and the Hereafter. As unity among Muslim is commanded by Allah (SWT), the Islamic Schools Association of New York (ISA), will serve all Islamic schools in New York State. By appointment to the New York State Commissioner’s Nonpublic Schools Advisory Council and membership to state and local organizations and committees, ISA will provide a voice and recognition for all Islamic schools, and distribute resources and information to its members. ISA will proactively keep its member schools informed and up to date with ever-changing education issues as they relate to Islamic school affairs.


ISA provides useful information for Islamic Schools in New York. ISA ensures that Islamic Schools benefit from its Title Funds.

Fatimah Khan

ISA coordinates Title Funding for Islamic Schools in New York City. ISA helps our schools to organize Professional Development and to receive useful classroom material.

Ahmad Ali

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