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Our Mission

Islamic Schools Association Of New York

As unity among Muslim is commanded by Allah (SWT), the Islamic Schools Association of New York, ISA, will serve all Islamic schools in New York State. By appointment to the New York State Commissioner’s Nonpublic Schools Advisory Council and membership to state and local organizations and committees, ISA will provide a voice and recognition for all Islamic schools, and distribute resources and information to its members. ISA will proactively keep its member schools informed and up to date with ever-changing education issues as they relate to Islamic school affairs.

  • ISA works to ensure that the views of Islamic schools, as well as Muslims, are more accurately and effectively represented and expressed to the education community.
  • ISA provides a forum to encourage, promote, and enhance communication and collaboration among elementary, middle, high schools, and home schools that emphasize the teachings of Islam to their students.
  • ISA guides and assists its members as well as others who establish Islamic schools or improve the educational quality of existing Islamic Schools
  • ISA works to promote and foster unity among Islamic schools and those interested in Islamic education.
  • ISA works to promote Islamic education and aims at gaining more recognition for Islamic education in the public in general and among specialists in the field of education.
  • ISA works to provide a forum for the presentation, distribution, and publication of scientific and scholarly works on Islamic education.
  • ISA works to enhance public understanding of the contributions made by Muslim educators.
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